Insight through analytics

There’s never been a better time to know.

Perioperative leaders share one primary goal: ensuring surgeons have surgical instruments sterilized and ready for each procedure in a timely manner. Achieving this goal requires integrating such complex variables as operating room block allocation, surgeon schedules and preferences, and hospital policies, but perioperative leaders typically lack the consistent, reliable, and up-to-date information that would enable them to identify opportunities to improve OR utilization. All device manufacturer representatives can appreciate the amount of time spent sourcing and tracking surgical trays as they move through the perioperative process at any given healthcare facility. Imagine the possibilities of a solution that provides 24/7 real-time visibility to the status and location of a surgical tray accessed from a phone, tablet, or computer?

Our proprietary LIMELIGHT 360™ platform, is a cloud-based application that enables a hospital’s perioperative management team to harness the power of actionable analytics to optimize their CSPD environment and utilize their operating rooms to their fullest potential.

The LIMELIGHT 360 platform interfaces with our data repository, that allows for rapid, painless onboarding. LIMELIGHT 360 also utilizes the next generation of high temperature RTLS Tags with location tracking, inventory management visibility and access to 24/7 actionable data. Our unique high temperature tags work on a private network powered by AT&T which works independently of the hospital network. The tags eliminate the need for barcode scanning, allow for automatic tracking, and are infinitely expandable within multiple locations.


  • Surgical Instrumentation Asset Tracking
    24/7 Identification of orthopedic surgical instrumentation location and status within a hospital environment
  • Drives Compliance Accountability
    Provides transparency of hospital policy adherence by device manufacturer representatives
  • Surgical Tray Use Waste Identification
    Captures data to identify underutilized consignment trays taking up storage space, and oversupplied loaner trays that are sterilized but never used in the OR